Productive Tool Corporation is a privately held, registered small business that has been serving the southeast for more than 25 years. Our core business is scaled to process low and hi volume production runs, rapid prototyping with aggressive timelines and technical kitting of finished goods. Leveraging our robust supply chain and outside service providers yields an outstanding ability to deliver quality components every time.

Markets Served Include:

– Military
– Energy
– Automotive
– Industrial
– Commercial

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Up to 4000lb Capacity
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13.8” Turn Diameter
Maximum 4500RPM


Versatility and Quality Set Us Apart from Our Competitors

Our quality procedures are implemented on every job prior to the physical quoting process. Validating Customer Furnished Prints and Models, Risk Mitigation Planning, Internal and External Scheduling, Material Procurement, Component Processing, Internal Quality Inspection/Validation and Customer Acceptance. These steps outline our internally generated, customer driven procedure for each and every job processed at Productive Tool.

Advanced Order Tracking Increases Productivity

Total visibility throughout all of the departments of Productive Tool guarantees 100% customer satisfaction for on time delivery through enterprise resource
planning tools. Implementing ShopTech E2 Management Production System from the start of the quoting process and tracking each step inside manufacturing eliminates scheduling conflicts which can be detrimental to customer satisfaction.